Sunday, May 22, 2016


Wildflower gardens are the best. That's the flat out truth.

A goal of mine for years has been to paint flowers, either in their natural setting or in jars, vases and whatever else I can find to put them in. (sorry Mrs. Gallant. "In which to put them".)

Who knew that these delicate lovelies would be such a challenge to harness in paint?

The textures, colors and tangles are harder for me to keep track of than the acres of blue sky and flat horizon that has been my stock in trade for the last many years.

The painting started out so beautifully. Peonies holding up pink heads full of promise, caressed by delicate catmint...oh!

Sadly my skills were not up to the task. Yet.  It'll come. 

That's my mantra. It'll come, be patient. It'll come. Be patient. It'llcome, bepatient. It''llcomebepatientit'llcomebepatient.........

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Vacation Destination

Handsome Husband and I have traveled a fair amount, visiting interesting and enlightening destinations.

We've seen the biggest ball of twine, and Monet's Agapanthus Tryptich at the Nelson Atkins Museum in KCMO. While we were there we happened upon James Naismith's hand written list of basketball rules and paused long enough to play a little badminton.

We've stared into the faces of Mt. Rushmore, dipped our toes into the Pacific Ocean. While HH was otherwise occupied, I cruised a few graveyards in New Orleans and watched a fellow stand still for a good long time.

I just found my next destination.

For us art geeks, this is just the coolest thing ever:

I'll send you a postcard.