Sunday, December 25, 2011

My 7 Links

Merry Christmas to you, Dear Reader!

I’ve been invited by Hannah Klaus Hunter to participate in the My7Links challenge which is circling the globe even as we speak. Thank you my dear!

It’s a timely invitation.  This will be my last post of 2011, and is an excellent way to take a look over my shoulder as I put the finishing touches on the year.

Selecting a post for each category was surprisingly difficult. I’ve had this challenge in my inbox for about 3 weeks, so I’ve already over thought it, thus breaking one of the rules before even getting started.  I easily picked multiple entries for some categories, and sifted through others desparately looking for anything that would qualify.

Rather than fuss and fidget any further, allow me to share with you my selections:

Most beautiful post: In Dad's Shadow.  I selected this post because it is about my Dad.  Writing it helped me see the thread of his dna in my siblings, my sons and in me.

My most popular:  A Thousand Words. We artists are a helpful lot.

Most controversialGetting Un-Organized. I purposefully don’t write “controversial” here. I’m a middle child, it’s my job to get along.  Despite the fact that many coaches are proponents of joining the appropriate associations and building that resume, I did use this post to challenge the conventional wisdom.

Most helpful: A Day in the Life It surprised me how many of you connected on this one.

Surprise Success: Passionate Repose   "Success" is sort of a relative term with this blog.  I was pleased at the response to this post, though.

Lack of attention: This heading would cover alot of what goes on here.  However , I picked this one because I really do think it was a good post:  Job Listings.
Most proud of: Create Peace   Like a good Mom, I'm proud of most all of my posts, even the stinkers.  This one was a little more thoughtful than most.

5 Bloggers I invite you to check out:

Karine Swenson.  I love checking in on Karine's life and art out in the high desert.

Liz Crain Ceramics.  Not only does Liz write beautifully, her ceramic pieces are so very cool.

A Bird's Eye View.  I'm no poet.  Soozie weaves words into images in such a way to make me wish I were.

Gwenn Seemel.  A portrait artist from the northwest, Gwenn's posts are helpful, thoughtful and challenging.

Michael Campbell Weekly  Funny, thoughtful and charming. Always beautifully written. He's cute, too.

Hope you had a good 2011.  See you next year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

What's On Your List?

Santa is looking for just the right gift for you this year. Once again I’ve given him a few ideas that I think will fit just right: 

An introduction to my dear friends, Inspiration and Confidence.
A roll of duct tape  in which to wrap up their nasty step-sisters Fear, and Comparison.
A place to get away.
©2011 Patricia Scarborough Song of Spring 30x40 oil on canvas

The right hue, value and intensity each and every time

A really good framer.(Thanks Warren!)

Organizational skills

A ruler that measures the same each and every time.
A kind and loving support group.
My Fam: HH and The Fellas
Patience – with yourself and others.
Time with friends who understand you.
©2011 Patricia Scarborough  Tea Time 14x11 pastel
New roads on which to travel.

©2011 Patricia Scarborough County Road 2, 5x7 oil
The perfect  tool for the job.
Spell check with a horn that cuts through cloudy thoughts, and a brake to slow down that last minute rush.
An appreciation for the finer things in life.

A comfortable place to work.

A sense of humor about yourself as well as others.
What would you add to the list this year?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Forecast for Blue

Two days ago we had our first real test of weather.  We'd been warned of an impending "event", but to be honest, that's what weather forecasters always do.  In earnest voices, brows knitted together tightly to let us know just how serious they are, they make their best case for the worst ahead.

So when I heard reports of snow, I ignored them.

I'm from Nebraska. Not that that's a reason, but jeesh, it snows here. Alot. And honestly, in what other business can you be so wrong so often and still get paid?  I've said it before: if you don't like the weather here, wait a minute and it'll change.

Plus, I had a goal. I wanted to be proactive, business-like, johnny-on-the-spot and make a client happy for Christmas. So despite dire warnings of "potential significant amounts" of snow I hopped in my trusty vehicle and drove to my framer's place of business. That he lives in another town an hour away is significant.

As usual, the forecasters were wrong.  We didn't get significant amounts of snow. ( I suppose "significant" depends on your point of view, doesn't it?  If you're short, wearing heels, or hoping to try out your new Snow King sled the word "significant" takes on a certain meaning. )

What we got was ice.  The few inches of snow that fell in huge flakes covering everything in a gorgeous coat of white melted on impact on the streets, and a short time later froze as the afternoon came to a close. 

Not to worry, I made it home, but it took 2 hours of white-knuckle staring-at-the-car-in-front-of-me-driving to manage what would normally take me one hour of cruising-while-admiring-the-landscape driving.  My steering wheel may still have grip marks.

©2011 Patricia Scarborough  9 x 12 pastel
Being Nebraska, the sun rose the next day on a landscape draped in stunning soft white with oh-so-blue shadows.  I've forgotten joints stiff with tension and marvel at how much color there is in white snow.

Forecast for tomorrow:  Blinding brilliance balanced by shocking cool hues in low lying areas.  Warm tones in the foliage.  Buckle up and drive safe.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another Christmas Letter

We got our first Christmas letter a couple of days ago. It was from J.W. Marriott, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International, Inc.
No kidding.

I had no idea he knew we stayed at his place.

We’ve gotten others since. You may have gotten them too.  They’re from close friends you haven’t seen in years, slathered with photos of people in matching sweaters smiling out at you. Images of favorite cats and dogs watch you closely, ready to lick the eggnog right off your face.
©2011 Patricia Scarborough  5pm Early December  8x10 oil
In a few letters we’ve gotten over the years, the animals actually do the speaking.  Who knew they watched their owners so closely? Imagine what they could accomplish if they had opposable thumbs. That’d be something Mr. Marriott would find interesting. Maybe he’d give them a free room.

This is my holiday letter to you. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short.

Thank you.  Thanks for buying art; my art, any art. And for reading my blog, and for liking me on facebook. 
Thanks for listening to me try to figure out what I was doing.  Creating is necessarily a singular activity, which means artists are alone a lot. It’s helpful to bounce ideas off others for a fresh perspective. Thanks for putting up with my bragging, complaining, whining and poking fun. You've been very kind.

©2010 Patricia Scarborough 12x12 pastel Winter Corn Rows, from the Square Mile Series

It’s been a good year.   HH and I have had some fun and put a lot of miles on the car. I’ve participated in exhibits in Lincoln, Norfolk, Grand Island and Kearney. I’ve done some good work, even took Best of Show honors.  I've also painted some stinkers but I’m still here, and I’ll be here next year keeping at it.

Happy Holidays to you, Dear Reader.  How was your year?