Sunday, December 25, 2011

My 7 Links

Merry Christmas to you, Dear Reader!

I’ve been invited by Hannah Klaus Hunter to participate in the My7Links challenge which is circling the globe even as we speak. Thank you my dear!

It’s a timely invitation.  This will be my last post of 2011, and is an excellent way to take a look over my shoulder as I put the finishing touches on the year.

Selecting a post for each category was surprisingly difficult. I’ve had this challenge in my inbox for about 3 weeks, so I’ve already over thought it, thus breaking one of the rules before even getting started.  I easily picked multiple entries for some categories, and sifted through others desparately looking for anything that would qualify.

Rather than fuss and fidget any further, allow me to share with you my selections:

Most beautiful post: In Dad's Shadow.  I selected this post because it is about my Dad.  Writing it helped me see the thread of his dna in my siblings, my sons and in me.

My most popular:  A Thousand Words. We artists are a helpful lot.

Most controversialGetting Un-Organized. I purposefully don’t write “controversial” here. I’m a middle child, it’s my job to get along.  Despite the fact that many coaches are proponents of joining the appropriate associations and building that resume, I did use this post to challenge the conventional wisdom.

Most helpful: A Day in the Life It surprised me how many of you connected on this one.

Surprise Success: Passionate Repose   "Success" is sort of a relative term with this blog.  I was pleased at the response to this post, though.

Lack of attention: This heading would cover alot of what goes on here.  However , I picked this one because I really do think it was a good post:  Job Listings.
Most proud of: Create Peace   Like a good Mom, I'm proud of most all of my posts, even the stinkers.  This one was a little more thoughtful than most.

5 Bloggers I invite you to check out:

Karine Swenson.  I love checking in on Karine's life and art out in the high desert.

Liz Crain Ceramics.  Not only does Liz write beautifully, her ceramic pieces are so very cool.

A Bird's Eye View.  I'm no poet.  Soozie weaves words into images in such a way to make me wish I were.

Gwenn Seemel.  A portrait artist from the northwest, Gwenn's posts are helpful, thoughtful and challenging.

Michael Campbell Weekly  Funny, thoughtful and charming. Always beautifully written. He's cute, too.

Hope you had a good 2011.  See you next year!


Hannah said...


Your post about your father is a gorgeous tribute--I can see why you bring such ingenuity to both your art and writing. I'm checking in here at the beginning of the day--and I look forward to reading the others on your list. I remember your most controversial. I think of it when I write lists--which is every day. Yeah paper!

Unknown said...

This and many of the others are inspiring. Thank you for posting!Best regards...and happy painting.

Patty said...

Cathyann, thanks for stopping by!