Sunday, December 18, 2011

What's On Your List?

Santa is looking for just the right gift for you this year. Once again I’ve given him a few ideas that I think will fit just right: 

An introduction to my dear friends, Inspiration and Confidence.
A roll of duct tape  in which to wrap up their nasty step-sisters Fear, and Comparison.
A place to get away.
©2011 Patricia Scarborough Song of Spring 30x40 oil on canvas

The right hue, value and intensity each and every time

A really good framer.(Thanks Warren!)

Organizational skills

A ruler that measures the same each and every time.
A kind and loving support group.
My Fam: HH and The Fellas
Patience – with yourself and others.
Time with friends who understand you.
©2011 Patricia Scarborough  Tea Time 14x11 pastel
New roads on which to travel.

©2011 Patricia Scarborough County Road 2, 5x7 oil
The perfect  tool for the job.
Spell check with a horn that cuts through cloudy thoughts, and a brake to slow down that last minute rush.
An appreciation for the finer things in life.

A comfortable place to work.

A sense of humor about yourself as well as others.
What would you add to the list this year?


Hannah said...

Patty--this is the kind of list that I like. Let's short list: belief in myself, my hunches, my intuition, my sense of what is fair and what is not, a continued sense of adventure & the courage to keep trying new things and seeking out inspiration from the old and faithful...

Patty said...

Poof! They are yours.
Happy Holidays dear friend!

Carol Lee Beckx said...

What a wonderful list Patty.

I would add - determination to actually try out all the new ideas that constantly come to mind, rather than just thinking about them!

Patty said...

Carol Lee, I understand completely! Poof! There's a big gulf between the thought and the action. Good luck next year trying out your ideas!

Nanci Hersh said...

Love your list. You beat me to it- and good for you!
I would add the gift of time and space, without obligations and commitments to something other than art. I plan on blogging this week about my gift to myself (with the help of others) today. May I provide a link to this post? I think you worded it so eloquently.

Happy and creative New Year!

Patty said...

Nanci,a perfect addition to the list! Thanks for your kind words, and I'd be honored to have you link to this post. I look forward to reading about your gift list.

Nanci Hersh said...

Thank you Patty... It has been posted. I also invite you to contribute to my Artist as Collectors Series. Would love to see a jpg or two of someone's work that you have in your collection and a few words of why you have it, or how you got it. I will provide a hot link to both your website and the artist that you write about.

Let's resolve to share with others what we love about art!