Sunday, November 25, 2012

Not Today

Greetings Dear Reader –

I've often said that the goal of this blog is to post something by 9 pm on Sunday whether I have anything to say or not.
For the most part I am able to rub a couple of brain cells together and squeeze out a thought that I may or may not have known I had.
File today's post under the “not” category.

This is the weekend after Thanksgiving. We had a lovely holiday with gobs of siblings and spouses, with a few young’uns tossed in for fun.  The table was laid out with abundant food and shared with those we love most. For that I am truly grateful.

The hard part is not the preparation, cooking or cleaning up. The hardest part is in saying goodbye to family who, it seems, just arrived. How is it they spent days here and we hardly had time to visit?
And now, because it is the Sunday After Thanksgiving, the Christmas tree has been hauled in from its place in the garage, erected and lovingly graced with priceless, one-of-a-kind ornaments.


After laughing and eating and teasing and eating and debating and eating, eye-rolling and eating, long walks and one last lick of the spoon, I confess I am pooped.
As I sit here in my jams at noon, dining on the remains of our holiday feast, all I can think of to say is, thank you. I am deeply grateful for all of you. And maybe this:  while you're out and about this next month, keep this in mind ...

My exhibit, titled Common Ground, will be at Norfolk Arts Center until December 29th. I’m pretty proud of it.

The Burkholder Project and Lux Art Center in Lincoln proudly display my work, as does Graham Gallery in Hastings and the Museum of NebraskaArt in Kearney.

As for me,  I've got just one more thing to do...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Week in Pictures

Holy cow!!

 Most of the time I spend my days alone in my work space.  I share witty repartee with myself, and win almost every debate.  This week, however, was an exception.  Handsome Husband and I ventured up to Norfolk Ne. for the opening reception to my last exhibit of 2012, with a stopover at the high school for some art class fun. 

My week in pictures -

Handsome Husband and I ventured to Norfolk Nebraska to attend the opening reception for my exhibit titled "Common Ground". I shared gallery space with Omaha sculptor Travis Apel.

Because Travis and I have completely different points of view, I wondered how the two collections would mesh in one room.  Turns out they look pretty fabulous together.
Those who attended were very gracious in their praise of our work. Exhibiting in a place like the Norfolk Arts Center is such a pleasure. The room is elegant and airy, with lots of room to breath. More importantly, the staff is terrific to work with and were very helpful when I needed their input. 

Huge thanks to Kara, Melinda and the board of Norfolk Arts Center, as well as Le Roy and Pat Von Glan, and Jody and Tom McQuillan, for a fantastic receptionMuch appreciation as well to Jaicee, who played grand piano for us. Tres chic.

The next morning I showed up at Norfolk High School to hang out in the art room. Their instructor, Ms Fonder, is an exceptional educator. I hope these kids understand how lucky they are to have her in the classroom. That's her in the back, making sure I don't get too carried away with my demo. 

 An added bonus was catching up with a former classmate who happens to teach at the same school. We look pretty good for a couple of girls who graduated at least  a century ago.

Handsome Husband and I barely had time to toss the suitcases in the door before I dashed off to the Mary Mary Quite Contrary Gallery in Friend, Ne. for a wine tasting event to kick off the holiday shopping season.
It was very inviting to see the lights warming the street on a chilly evening, and a perfect way to wrap up a busy week.
 Like many artists, I'm an introvert and the studio is where I'm truly most comfortable.  However, this last week of travel reminded me how important it is for artists to leave the safety of their workspace and join up with others for camaraderie and support. I'd forgotten how many working artists there are in nearly every city and town around, and I'm grateful for that reminder.
Next week it's back into the studio, with only myself for conversation and companionship.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Art Travels

Now that my painting commitments are complete for the time being I can slow down and see what others have been up to.
Members of our local art club and I ventured out to David City Ne to visit Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art, as well as the private collection of two of the founding  members, Anna and Alan Covault.

Anna truly enjoys sharing her love of collecting with others. Knowing this makes it a real honor to have my paintings in her home.

 Covault’s have collected a wide variety of art, always with an aim to bring home pieces they love.
Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art, the second leg of our journey -

Anna adjusts a painting in keeping with the museum's high standards.

Current exhibit by Grand Island, Ne. artist Doug Johnson
The museum prides itself on providing an opportunity for the public to celebrate the agrarian roots of this part of the country through exceptional art. A mere 5 years old, Bone Creek Museum is an example of what happens when a community of people with an understanding of the artistic process and a deep respect for rural life combine their unique talents toward a common goal. It's a real gem and worth taking time to visit.
I could snag some great info from their website but that seems silly. Check them out for yourself. It’s okay, I’ll wait…

Better yet, drive there and see it up close and personal. (That I won't wait for.)

It was a joy to spend time with others who understand the need to put their nose right up to the surface of a painting and peer behind the outer layer of pigment.  Technique, style, framing, subject matter…the day was a master class in artistic process.  Just what I needed.
Gentle reminder  -  my exhibit, Common Ground, is up at the Norfolk Arts Center in Norfolk, Ne until December 29th.  I’ll be sharing space with Omaha sculptor Travis Apel.  Our very different styles combine to make a pretty amazing exhibit.  And another goodie!  I’ll be visiting two Norfolk High School art classes on Friday November 16th for a painting demo and Q & A. That should be great fun.

A little teaser to get you interested

The opening reception for Common Ground is this Thursday, November 15th from 6 – 8pm.  Not to worry if you can’t make it, the exhibit will be available until December 29th,  but really, the reception would be so much nicer if you were there.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kaleidoscope Weekend

Greetings dear reader –
If you’ve been paying attention you know that this weekend the gem of the midwest, the Museum of Nebraska Art, is hosting their annual Kaleidoscope of Art event.  This is the second time I’ve been invited to participate.  It’s a heady experience, showing my paintings in the hallowed halls of this beautiful museum. This is the weekend Mona hosts a variety of interesting, exciting artists whose only desire is to help Santa fill the stockings of good girls and boys the world over.
Photos of a few of the artists sharing the day with me :

Susan Leise  fun and functional pottery

Carmela Schnoor hand woven textiles. Btw, I look fabulous in my new hat!

Martha Pettigrew beautifully crafted sculptures and paintings

Jodie Marshall lampwork beads shine like candy

 Dede Elsen beautifully hand crafted woven goods

 Pat Weiderspan Jones had a table of delightfully quirky artful items.

Herm Rauth gracefully elegant stoneware pottery

Keith Lowry and his collection of beautiful atmospheric oils

Sally Jurgensmier , the woman of steel, with her funky found-item welded artwork

And me!

No sooner will Handsome Husband and I pack up and arrive at our humble abode than we’ll re-pack and head for Norfolk Arts Center to deliver my next exhibit, Common Ground.  Whether I’m coming or going remains to be seen.