Sunday, November 11, 2012

Art Travels

Now that my painting commitments are complete for the time being I can slow down and see what others have been up to.
Members of our local art club and I ventured out to David City Ne to visit Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art, as well as the private collection of two of the founding  members, Anna and Alan Covault.

Anna truly enjoys sharing her love of collecting with others. Knowing this makes it a real honor to have my paintings in her home.

 Covault’s have collected a wide variety of art, always with an aim to bring home pieces they love.
Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art, the second leg of our journey -

Anna adjusts a painting in keeping with the museum's high standards.

Current exhibit by Grand Island, Ne. artist Doug Johnson
The museum prides itself on providing an opportunity for the public to celebrate the agrarian roots of this part of the country through exceptional art. A mere 5 years old, Bone Creek Museum is an example of what happens when a community of people with an understanding of the artistic process and a deep respect for rural life combine their unique talents toward a common goal. It's a real gem and worth taking time to visit.
I could snag some great info from their website but that seems silly. Check them out for yourself. It’s okay, I’ll wait…

Better yet, drive there and see it up close and personal. (That I won't wait for.)

It was a joy to spend time with others who understand the need to put their nose right up to the surface of a painting and peer behind the outer layer of pigment.  Technique, style, framing, subject matter…the day was a master class in artistic process.  Just what I needed.
Gentle reminder  -  my exhibit, Common Ground, is up at the Norfolk Arts Center in Norfolk, Ne until December 29th.  I’ll be sharing space with Omaha sculptor Travis Apel.  Our very different styles combine to make a pretty amazing exhibit.  And another goodie!  I’ll be visiting two Norfolk High School art classes on Friday November 16th for a painting demo and Q & A. That should be great fun.

A little teaser to get you interested

The opening reception for Common Ground is this Thursday, November 15th from 6 – 8pm.  Not to worry if you can’t make it, the exhibit will be available until December 29th,  but really, the reception would be so much nicer if you were there.


Karen said...

Bone Creek and Anna and Allen are great people, and a real asset to David City, Nebraska, and the art world. I'm a wee bit jealous you've gotten a private tour of their home; knowing how they love art, it must be a fabulous place! Lucky lady that you are.

Hope your Norfolk show goes well - doubt I will make it to the reception or the show, but their Arts Center is also a wonderful venue and the staff is SO helpful! Be sure to try the apple cider with whipped cream and caramel sauce at the reception; you won't regret it.

Talk to you soon, I hope,

Patty said...

Oh Karen, we all admired 2 of your beautiful silk paintings while we were there. Trust me, they are well admired.
Thanks for the well wishes, and thanks for the tip on the cider!