Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Week in Pictures

Holy cow!!

 Most of the time I spend my days alone in my work space.  I share witty repartee with myself, and win almost every debate.  This week, however, was an exception.  Handsome Husband and I ventured up to Norfolk Ne. for the opening reception to my last exhibit of 2012, with a stopover at the high school for some art class fun. 

My week in pictures -

Handsome Husband and I ventured to Norfolk Nebraska to attend the opening reception for my exhibit titled "Common Ground". I shared gallery space with Omaha sculptor Travis Apel.

Because Travis and I have completely different points of view, I wondered how the two collections would mesh in one room.  Turns out they look pretty fabulous together.
Those who attended were very gracious in their praise of our work. Exhibiting in a place like the Norfolk Arts Center is such a pleasure. The room is elegant and airy, with lots of room to breath. More importantly, the staff is terrific to work with and were very helpful when I needed their input. 

Huge thanks to Kara, Melinda and the board of Norfolk Arts Center, as well as Le Roy and Pat Von Glan, and Jody and Tom McQuillan, for a fantastic receptionMuch appreciation as well to Jaicee, who played grand piano for us. Tres chic.

The next morning I showed up at Norfolk High School to hang out in the art room. Their instructor, Ms Fonder, is an exceptional educator. I hope these kids understand how lucky they are to have her in the classroom. That's her in the back, making sure I don't get too carried away with my demo. 

 An added bonus was catching up with a former classmate who happens to teach at the same school. We look pretty good for a couple of girls who graduated at least  a century ago.

Handsome Husband and I barely had time to toss the suitcases in the door before I dashed off to the Mary Mary Quite Contrary Gallery in Friend, Ne. for a wine tasting event to kick off the holiday shopping season.
It was very inviting to see the lights warming the street on a chilly evening, and a perfect way to wrap up a busy week.
 Like many artists, I'm an introvert and the studio is where I'm truly most comfortable.  However, this last week of travel reminded me how important it is for artists to leave the safety of their workspace and join up with others for camaraderie and support. I'd forgotten how many working artists there are in nearly every city and town around, and I'm grateful for that reminder.
Next week it's back into the studio, with only myself for conversation and companionship.

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Hannah Hunter said...

Hey Patty--Great description of your travels! Your words inspire me to hit the road and take in some Bay Area exhibits and follow up with a glass of wine with friends...
Thanks for the reminder that the art making happens in and out of the studio:-)