Sunday, February 15, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Well lah - dee - dah!

We started our Valentine's Day celebrating with a nice surprise at Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer's "Wings Over the Platte" opening reception. Well, two surprises actually.

The first was seeing a Merit Award certificate next to my pastel piece, "March Migration", @2009. There were 66 pieces of art in the exhibit, and it's rewarding to know you stand out just a bit.
(Special thanks to Grammy , who reminded me of the deadline and encouraged me to send in the application, and for framing the piece so beautifully.)

We celebrated by making a bee line to the chocolate bar. In an effort to pile high my too-small plate with chocoate goodies (hey, I got an award, y'know) I received my second surprise of the eveing when I dumped a cup of hot chocolate down the front of my lovely white sweater. It's hard to act suave and sophisticated with a soggy brown splotch spreading over one's ... er ... front while watching my hard won goodies roll under the table. Lucky for me I had my jacket hung over my arm and was able to sashay out the door with no one being the wiser. Well, until now. Keep that little secret under your hat, will ya?

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?


Sarah said...

Way to go, Girlfriend!!!
You doubt yourself to much. Selling art in the car,winning awards,struggling through and through. In the end it all pays off.Wouldn't you say? You're an inspiration to us all :):):)
I'll have to e-mail you some of my daily paintings. I have to admit, I've got some cute ones :)

Nancy and the fatties said...

Wow Patty! You rock!!! Pouring chocolate all over yourself to celebrate your big win was a stroke of genius. I've heard of jumping into a fountain but this is a great new twist. Congratulations famous painty lady. Don't forget all us little people when you run out of chocolate...

Patricia said...

Nancy, I so appreciate the positive spin you put on my chocolate dipping. You're such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I was "blessed" with being present when Patty dumped the hot chocolate on her sweater. She did so with grace, agility and purpose. Her attempts at cover up were equally impressive. At a younger age it might have even been done better, but I was still impressed given her age. All joking aside, I was so proud to see that her painting won an award. I am afterall her favorite fan. I was also highly pleased that the hot chocolate missed her expensive coat, as I did not want to have to purchase another.

Well done, Patty! Your number
one fan and