Friday, May 8, 2009

Big 5-O Winners!

If you've been paying any kind of attention, you know that today, Friday May 8th is Day 50 of my 100-days-of-painting journey. I'm working with Mavis Penney of Labrador, Canada, to paint daily for 100 days (minus weekends, of course). You can follow along to see what we've accomplished Off The Highway.

To celebrate this major milestone, Mavis and I decided to give away our Day 50 paintings. All who left comments, no matter how brief or how clever, had their names put into a hat (or in my case, a lovely Nancy Fairbanks bowl). This morning Mavis and I met via phone line, and with great fanfare and anticipation drew out the winning names.

The winner of my painting, "Ponies in Light", whose name was pulled out of a hat by my cohort Mavis, is blog commenter Cory. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing this journey with us!
I drew Vicki's name, who will soon receive Mavis' lovely 5 x 7 watercolor "Ice Melting at Birch Island". Congrats to you, too!
Gosh, I hope they're as excited as we are!

Which leaves the will we celebrate Day 100?

Cake and ice cream for everyone?
Stay tuned!


Jodi said...

I think my contribution to this project will be to have cake and ice cream for a hundred days!

I love love love the little birds in your header.

Yay for you both being halfway through!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Yay Cory! *confetti flying and horns tooting* This is an amazing work, and I bet Cory will be so excited. What a cool idea.
pughugs from Texas...

Patricia said...

Jodi - Yes!! Goodies for everyone! And then sit-ups for 100 days...mmmmmnot so much. Thankyew, sweetie!

Nancy - Thanks for hanging with us!
Ear scratches from Nebraska.