Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Whack

Greetings Dear Ones-
I am all out of whack.  HH has been home with me for 10 days and we've traveled together and separately for several hundreds of miles visiting relatives and other strangers.  I've used up all my charm and clever reparte. It'll take everything I've got to get back into the swing of things tomorrow.
So, you're on  your own tonight.  Visit amongst yourselves.  Better yet, leave a comment and start your own conversation. 
I'll re-charge and be back atcha next week.
Until then -


Earthula said...

Always good to take a break when one has no whack.


Nice to meet you Patricia. I am introduced to you through Kaylyn M.

Patricia said...
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Patricia said...

Greetings Elaine! Thanks for stopping by, and apologies for such a tired post. I'll do better next week, when I get my whack back.
I peeked at your work - fantastic!
Welcome fellow traveler.

Karine said...

Hi Patty!

I don't believe you are ever out of charm. But I understand about social fatigue. Take care.