Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa's List for You

Santa's been asking about you. A bit confused over just what to put under your tree, I gave him a few ideas. I hope you don't mind.

My "Gifts Any Artist Can Use and Appreciate" list: 

A hand painted color chart from every tube of paint you own.

A case of frames that are always the right size

Determination to start - again

A kind and patient mentor

Wonderful patrons

Galleries that want to show your work

Distant horizons to reach toward

@2010 Patricia Scarborough, Distant Horizon, 9x12 oil

A stack of materials all ready to go

Free shipping

Willingness to go it alone

photo courtesy Linda Welsch

Full paint tubes

Unstick-able lids

Just the right color

Never ending blog post ideas

Friends that love you no matter what


Self cleaning palette

Stain resistant flooring. (sorry honey!)

Organized storage closet. Maybe even two. 

A full receipt book


The courage to try something new. If that's too much, maybe the courage to just try.

@2010 Patricia Scarborough Couch Series panel

Blue skies for every outdoor festival

A sense of humor

@2010 Patricia Scarborough Clover 36x48 oil


A support group

I've got the only Handsome Husband made, so you'll have to be satisfied with a poor substitute.

Goodness, I hope I didn't miss anything.  Feel free to add to the list if you'd like. Santa could use all the help he can get!


Sheila said...

Well Patty I think you have a wonderful list for Santa. With all the beautiful painting you have done this year you might want to add to your list, more brushes. Make sure they are your favorites!!

Patricia said...

Good idea Sheila! And thanks for your determination!

Karine said...

Hi Patty,

Your list is fine indeed. I might add "someone to keep track of books." ha ha

Patricia said...

Karine, of course! And lots of sales to keep track of in those books!