Sunday, January 9, 2011

Looking Back, Planning Ahead

I've spent the last week wrapping up 2010 and preparing for 2011.  Rather than charge forth with all the moxie I can muster, Handsome Husband reminded me that sometimes one must look back on what's been accomplished before making plans to move forward. "How do you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been?" he asked. He's a smart one, HH.
I'm reminded of his grandfather, who would ask, "Where they going? Where they been?" as he waited for his turn to cross a busy intersection. Maybe he wasn't just talking about traffic.  Where have I been?  More importantly, where am I going?

To find out where I'm headed, I'm looking back today, and inviting you to come along.  Rather than bring out everything, including my baby booties, let's limit it to the last 5 years.

 ©2005 Patricia Scarborough, Receding Waters 28x36 pastel

©2006 Patricia Scarborough, Well Traveled, 26x38 pastel

©2006 Patricia Scarborough, Waiting, 8x10 pastel

©2007 Patricia Scarborough, Mill Road, 24x18 pastel

 ©2008 Patricia Scarborough, Cone Flowers, 7x5 plein air oil

©2008 Patricia Scarborough, Indian Summer, 24x18 pastel

©2008 Patricia Scarborough, West Edge of Town, 5x7 oil

©2009 Patricia Scarborough, Leaves on Blue Water, 24x18 pastel

©2009 Patricia Scarborough, Three Crows, 8x10 oil

©2009 Patricia Scarborough, Last Light, 22x21 pastel

©2010 Patricia Scarborough, Platte River Recharge, 11x14 oil
©2010 Patricia Scarborough, Hibernal, 12x16 pastel

©2010 Patricia Scarborough, New Day, 12x16 pastel
After a review of some of my favorite - and not so favorite - paintings of the last 5 years, (you don't get to see those) I think I know where I'm going.   I've got plans, baby.  HH, Grandpa and I, we know where we're going.
Do you?


Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing your fabulous art work from the last 5 years. Looks like you know where you are going! Best of Luck!

Patricia said...

Sheila, I may not know exactly where I'm bound, but I'll sure enjoy the journey.

mehrseifegibtsnirgends said...

Hello Patricia,
I follow your blog since about one year and it gives me so much in any kind of situations in my life.
I received a award last week and I was told to find 3 blogs that are not realy public, means that they should not have a few thousand visitors. I do not leave posts much, but you and your pictures are a great inspiration for my live and so you are one of the persons I give this award to.
Greatings and lots of thanks to you for your outstanding talent.
Susanne from Europe

Patricia said...

Susanne, I'm so glad you commented after quietly sharing this blog for so long. I appreciate your very kind remarks. Stay in touch!

Debbie Viola said...

I just found your blog via your FB page, via Linkedin Round Robin discussion. Your work continues to be beautiful all these years. Seems like you know exactly where you're heading!
Debbie Viola

Patricia said...

Debbie, welcome! Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and don't be a stranger. It's an amazing community of artists using social media isn't it?

Hannah Phelps said...

Hi Patricia,
This is wonderful post! Thanks for letting us see your evolution. I visited your website too and really enjoyed the work there!

Patricia said...

Hey Hanna, thanks so much. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can cook up together as Co-Conspirators!