Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lessons from a Big Yellow Dog

Early this morning Handsome Husband and I took off for our daily walk.  The weather was exquisite; cool, windless, quiet, the bright colors of summer sliding into muted tones of autumn.  As usual we were planning our day, or re-visiting yesterday’s tasks. I honestly don’t remember.
A few blocks into our walk we were joined by a big yellow dog.  I was going to say he followed us, but that wouldn’t be accurate.  Ahead of us, to the side, but rarely behind us, he loped, leapt and scampered along managing at least five miles to our three.  
Nothing escaped him, and everything delighted him.  Puddles hidden in high weeds by the road were a special surprise and he spent several moments in play, literally jumping up and down purely for the splash. 
While Blondie shared our walk, he rarely seemed concerned with us and never got close enough to touch.  It was as if we were there simply to watch him play.
©2011Patricia Scarborough  Song of Spring  30x40 oil
And then he was gone.  Whether he returned home, or found more interesting companions, we’ll never know. 
We humans could take a lesson from a big yellow dog. It’s actually a pretty interesting place we live in, full of smells and textures and hidden puddles waiting to be discovered.  It wouldn’t hurt us to take a different path, or no path at all once in awhile, just for the heck of it. Or splash in a puddle just to watch the water fly.
 If you’re too old to run through a grassy field, at least walk down the sidewalk with your chin up and your eyes open. 
You might meet a furry friend who would walk with you for just a while, and let you see the world through new eyes.

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Nancy Teague said...

Oh for more of that 'playfulness of life'! Thanks for the refreshing reminder.