Monday, April 2, 2012

Join the Club

I promised you photos of yesterday's closing reception, and you shall have them.  Handsome Husband and I are pooped and exhilarated, and deeply grateful for all the support we received from family, friends and the staff at Stuhr Museum.
Oh, and we made the 10/11 News channel twice; here, and here.

Lots of good friends braved gorgeous temps outside to spend the afternoon with us...

... to catch up on friendships ...

... and renew acquaintances ...

... and to enjoy being seranaded by local talent Helen Johnson.

Oh yes, and to spend time appreciating not only my Land Marks exhibit, but the Wings Over the Platte exhibit as well.

©Patricia Scarborough  Birch Moon  10 x 8 oil on panel   Recently added to a Private Collection

Nearly a third of the paintings from the Land Marks exhibit ended up in the collections of discriminating patrons. Pleased beyond belief barely scratches the surface of describing the feeling.

I have always painted for myself, which is a risk. I have no idea if my work is acceptable to the market or prevailing decorating schemes or next year's colors. When someone adds my work to their collection it is profoundly satisfying because it is based on something deeper than a passing fad.

It's like getting the secret password to an awesome private club, complete with a covert handshake and sly wink. Pretty exclusive. Very special.

If you'd like to join the club, it's not too late.  Membership is limited, but we can make an exception for you. See Land Marks here for a short time only.


Karine said...

Congrats on a successful show! I know exactly what you mean about painting for yourself and how satisfying it is to be able to sell that kind of art.

Hannah said...

Many sincere congrats Patty--you have gone out on a wonderful limb and made good! I love how you described the feeling of satisfaction you receive from seeing the work sell.

Patty said...

Ah my sweet internet buddies! You both know the feeling of creating work from the heart and how amazing it feels to make that connection. (special handshake, left-eyed wink)