Sunday, May 6, 2012

Congratulations to All

It's celebration weekend here at the Scarborough house.

Not only are we celebrating my 4th anniversary as blogger extraordinaire (yes, I say that with tongue firmly planted in cheek).
We are also celebrating the culmination of years of study by our youngest Fine Young Man, Timothy, who graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with his Doctorate in Physics and Astronomy.

The first thing is to make certain your name is in the official record.

Tim in da hood.

I used to help him with his homework, and then he started kindergarten and that was the end of that.

So this weekend we're celebrating with family and enjoying each other's accomplishments.

Of course the reason you, Dear Reader, are checking in with me is to see whose name gets drawn out of Handsome Husband's Magic Hat and wins this sweet little 6x8 oil painting that I'm giving away to celebrate my blogging milestone.

@2102 Patricia Scarborough 6x8 oil   Flowering Crab

In celebration of the 4th Anniversary of this blog...

Handsome Husband and his own Vanna White, my Sis
the winner is...

Cathyann!!  Cathyann is the winner of this lovely 6x8 oil.  Hey sweetie, email me and lets figure out how to get this  to you.

A round of congratulations to everyone; please!!


Karen said...

Sigh, I knew I should've found a way to get a bribe to your Handsome Husband... Congratulations are in order: to Cathyann, but especially to your son (and his parents) on earning his PhD.

Patty said...

Thanks Karen. On all counts.

Sheila said...

Happy Anniversary for 4 years of your blog!! It's fun to see what you have been working on.

Special Congratulations for you guys as proud parents and to Tim for all his hard work. You have so much to Celebrate!

Patty said...

Thanks so much Sheila, you're a dear friend.

Cathyann said...

OH my Gosh!!! How thrilled I was to see my name on my FB timeline as the lucky winner of your gorgeous painting!!! this is a first for me in bloggerland.

Thank you, Patty and your handsome husband for drawing my name
... and another milestone, congratulations to your new Doctor and to you, such lucky parents. What an accomplishment!!!!! And what an important area of study....
Best regards....cb

Patty said...

Keep an eye on your mailbox Cathyann!

hannah hunter said...

Congratulations many times over: for your wonderfully humorous and insightful blog, for raising a physicist(!)and your generosity in sharing your beautiful art with us.
I bet you are one proud mama!