Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting Groove-y

I love my groove.

A groove, not to be confused with a rut, is a lovely smooth place where one can glide easily through the day. The mind, not bothered with routine details like which hand to grab a spoon with, or which direction to take a walk, can fill itself with more delightful pursuits such as scooping up just the right colors of paint for an autumn landscape. Unfettered from repetitive details the mind can focus on imaginings and what ifs.
My groove has taken quite a beating lately.  Not one single event, but several of varying degrees of importance, have thrown me off kilter. 

I lurched along rather badly at first. Starting this before finishing that, muddling through and around before wobbling toward evening uncertain whether I’d gotten done what I’d gotten started. (Kind of like that sentence.)  With some thought and awareness my scattered stumbling has become a kind of dance, however clumsy and awkward. With some practice and attention I have developed a suitable sort of jitterbug-careening two-step that has helped me accomplish the tasks that I once floated through without missing a beat.
Tomorrow is Monday, as good a day as any to start fresh.  Monday October 22nd. 

Monday October twenty second??
I think it just happened. I can feel the cogs slide into place and the machinery begin to move smoothly. 
Ah the specter of deadline.  The dot at the end of the sentence, the slamming of the door, the raising of the curtain.  It’s now or never.  Zero hour.  Play big or go home.

Here’s what’s coming like a freight train:
The annual Kaleidoscope of Arts at the Museum of Nebraska Art Nov 3 from 11am to 5pm and November 4 from 1pm to 5pm.  This is a terrific 2-day event showcasing over 30 artists with new work suitable for holiday shopping.  I’ve got some real beauties to show you.

  ©2012 Patricia Scarborough 6x8 oil Into the Woods
Available soon at the Museum of Nebraska Art's Kaileidoscope of Art event

Then it’s off to the Norfolk Art Center in Norfolk Ne.  to deliver paintings for an exhibit there with sculptor Travis Apel which opens November 9th.  More excellent work to show you.

Graham Gallery and The Burkholder Project, as well as LuxArt Center are getting ready to open their doors with fresh new work for the holidays as well. Yeah, lots of goodies for them as well.

©2012 Patricia Scarborough 6x8 oil Moonlit
Available soon at Lux Art Center

I got my groove back. Funny how a little panic will do that for a person.


Cathyann said... exhausted reading what you are managing!!!Love the moonlit.Just so serene. Good luck with it all.

Patty said...

Yeah, I'm a little frazzled - but in a good way!

Hannah Hunter said...

Hey Patty--I've been off finding my way out of a health rut back into a good health groove and it feels good to be blog surfing once again. I like this work you've put up here; it has a feeling of autumn and reminds me of some of some of the landscapes of Bonnard and Vuillard, two of my favorite of luck at the Lux!

Patty said...

Welcome back Hannah, so glad you are feeling better. And, gosh, to be compared to those two artists, well, I'm all a-flutter!
Stay well my friend!