Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day Trips Review

Greetings Friends -

If you've been paying any attention at all, you know I opened a new collection last Friday evening at The Burkholder Project with ceramic artist Sharon Ohmberger.  Also exhibiting their work were
Karen Krull Robart in the Skylight Gallery, Susan Hart and Tom Quest in the Outback Gallery, and Albert Maxey and Herschell Turner in the Special Exhibit Room. 

Yes, it's a big place.

I heard many times during the evening, "Hey, you been workin' hard!" 

Yes, I have.

What does it take, exactly, to get an exhibit like this up and running?  It's fairly simple, really.

First, you get yourself a Handsome Husband. Without HH, none of this would be any fun.

 Me and the Big Double H. Thanks for the photo, Mary!

Spend several months challenging yourself to make the finest art you're capable of making.

Then get yourself a friend, mentor and gallery owner...

Anne Burkholder and me

Don't forget the details...

Ready? Pick up from Warren, your Framer Extraordinaire, wrap carefully and deliver to your gallery space!

Be sure to work with a terrific artist and all around delightful person...

Sharon Ohmberger setting up earlier in the week
Ta da!

Open the doors and spend a lovely evening with friends and patrons, who will hopefully become one and the same!

Be sure to thank those folks who work hard behind the scenes making sure you look good:
Anne Burkholder, Lisa Holmquist, Pam King, Warren Cradduck, Handsome Husband and others who put up with my whining...then

spend the next day relaxing and being grateful! 


Karine Swenson said...

It's looks like a great exhibition, Patty! Congratulations. It's a lot of work to put together a show, but oh, so satisfying when it's all hung. xo

Patty said...

You've been there plenty of times,haven't you? Thanks, Karine!