Sunday, August 25, 2013


I've already shared this juicy item on FB, but in the event you haven't poked the 'like' button yet ( ahem ), here's the scoop -

This little gem of a painting, a donation to Make-A-Wish Nebraska, recently fetched over $400 at their 30th annual auction and fundraiser.  Hoo-ee!  I am thrilled and honored that someone thought enough of my artwork to dig out their pocket book and plunk down such a pile of hard earned cash.

Of course, it's not just me. The individual doing the plunking is pretty special too.  In fact, the onus of raising money at these fundraising auctions falls on the plunk-er. Their generosity allows the money to pile up in the coffers of groups who need it. To my very own plunker goes a heartfelt hug.

I'll admit, I'm not high on sending my art to just any group who wants to use it for raising money. 

Auctions are held by those who want to sell something; household goods, golf outings, art. 
Auctions are attended by folks who are interested in buying something for less than its retail price.
It  becomes a hunt for the bargain, to edge the price up by mere nickels and dimes in hopes of getting a deal rather than plunking down a sizeable amount right off the bat for a higher purpose. It's human nature.

And thankfully it's human nature as well to want to help those who truly need it.  Make-A-Wish is a foundation devoted to generating funds to create experiences for children who are dealing with life-threatening medical conditions.  Jeez, who wouldn't want to help with that?  Plus, Kearney is my home town. Plus, this foundation asked in an appropriate and professional way, and that means a lot.

Congratulations to everyone involved; Make-A-Wish Nebraska, the annual event's coordinators, and all the good plunkers who raised over $100,000. I'm tickled pink to have been asked to participate, and to have helped make a few moments in the life of a child just a little bit easier.

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