Sunday, September 15, 2013

Demo Part Two

Greetings Friends -

A few weeks ago I shared a piece that had been part of a workshop demo for the Sandpainter's Art Guild in Valentine, Ne.

When all was said and done - or at the end of the workshop anyway, I had a pretty decent start on a pretty decent painting, at least enough to give the students some sense of how I progress through a project.

I had reached a point where several things needed to happen.  It was time to make serious decisions about certain things; for instance, does my original idea of putting a road in hurt or help?  Second, what to do with all that background space? Third, where's the bathroom?

It's been a few weeks now. I've forgotten some of the original plans for this piece and can look at it with a fresh eye. The first decision is to put that road back in. 

Include a few hay bales up front to fill some of that empty space...add some interest into the foreground with some small birds...
©2013Patricia Scarborough Valentine Demo

 Touch up a few places and voila! 

... or, almost voila.

As I've said before in this blog, seeing a painting in a different context gives clues to solutions you may not have known you needed.  And so it goes with this one.

This demo isn't over yet. Stay tuned.


Karine Swenson said...

It's so much fun to watch another artist's process. (and comforting to know others change their minds.)

Patty said...

Karine, I marvel at artists who have a plan, and stick to it. That just doesn't work for me.
Your work is so intuitive, I'd love to watch you at work!

Cathyann Burgess said...

I will stayed tuned! I love to others in progress...Thanks Patty!

michaelbcampbell said...

So cool to see you do that in steps! But it's still a magical mystery.

Patty said...

Thanks MichaelB. I'd say 1 part magic and 7 parts hard work, 6 parts determination. 2 parts luck. And some paint. Maybe a kitchen sink...