Sunday, December 8, 2013

Great Expectations

Spring Adaptation: Commencement
Spring Adaptation: Transition

Spring Adaptation: Equilibrium
 But that's not what this blog post is about.
I've had wonderful opportunities over the last few years to show my work in a variety of venues. After examining my expectations for the last series of exhibits, my take is this:
Some days the right buyer – or two or ten – come along, some days they’re off playing miniature golf.
Sometimes, despite our best efforts to exhibit quality fine art and to put our best selves forward, the right buyer doesn’t show up.

Quiet Evening 6x8 oil  Still Available at Lux Center for the Arts

Sometimes, even though our presentation is haphazard and our socks are mismatched, they do.

Quiet Morning 6x8 oil  Sold!
The results of the last several years of exhibiting have taught me that my expectations have nothing to do with hope or crossed fingers or anybody else’s vibe.  The expectation is on each of us to do the best work we can. To behave as professionally as we can.

It's not about  reading how-to books or waiting to get started just as soon as the kids are grown up or the dishes are done.

 It's about showing up in my creative spaces ready to go and to do the hard grind so that when the time comes, when the right venue calls or the right patron shows up, I'm ready.

It's about believing in my mission. I trust that my work is the best I can do. That trust extends to the belief that someone else, somewhere will make that connection and agree with me. And if I'm ready, that elusive concept of success will happen.
"Specimen" 7x5 oil Waiting for you at Graham Gallery

What do you expect?


Cathyann Burgess said...

Great attitude and I know it is true! Like those luscious skies!

Patty said...

You're a great example of hard work paying off Cathyann. You're an inspiration!

Karine Swenson said...

I am learning not to have expectations. It is my practice to constantly strive to stay in the present moment, and like you, do the best work I can possibly do. The rest is up to God.

Merry Christmas, my friend!
(great post)

Patty said...

Happy Holidays to all my dear readers!