Sunday, July 27, 2014

Goodbye Graham

When it comes to doing things the proper way, sometimes doing things the wrong way is the way to make things happen.
Yours truly at the Graham Gallery door in Hastings, Ne.
Most, if not all, of the art gurus will tell you that the proper way to approach a gallery for representation is to do some homework on the gallery, create a classy portfolio of the work which would represent you well, and make an appointment for an interview.

Of course, that’s not the way I did it, and from that began a lovely relationship with Angela Graham and Graham Gallery in Hastings Nebraska.
C2007 Cathedral Road, one of my early sales at Graham Gallery
My intention was to drop by quickly, introduce myself, and if I didn’t keel over from pure terror, suggest that my work was available for her gallery walls if she had just a little space to spare. 

Angela asked if I had anything with me she could look at. Since I was on my way home from taking down an exhibit in a nearby town, I had a trunk full of art. Feeling like the Fuller Brush Man, I unloaded nearly all of it into her showroom. A few moments later she agreed to take six or seven pieces and that was that. I recently found a contract she’d given me, neither of us had bothered to sign it.  I’m sure I giggled all the way home.

Much has changed since I stood on shaky legs, fingers crossed behind my back pretending to know what I was doing and hoping Angela would not see the truth. My resume now includes many solo and small group exhibits, commissions and addition to some fine collections, a few awards and a couple of recent profiles in Nebraska Life as well as L-Magazine.

c2014 Blue River Reclamation, a recent oil

This weekend Graham Gallery closed its doors and turned off the lights for the last time. Looking back I am immensely grateful for a kind and gentle introduction to the world of gallery sales.  As I continue to develop my skills and deepen my commitment to my practice I will hold the people and memories of that place in a special spot in my heart.


Karen Krull Robart said...

It is sad to see Graham Gallery closing; Angela was a gem and encouraged so many just-starting-out artists, myself included. Through her I learned a lot about art and framing, and how to deal with people, though I will never master it the way she has. Wishing Angela all the best in her life, and hoping that someone will decide to take on the challenge and reopen the doors. It is a loss for downtown Hastings, for the artists, and for the region.

Thanks, Patty, for such a well-written farewell to a marvelous gallery. And thank you, Angela, for everything that you have done over the years for all the artists who paths have intersected with yours.

Patty said...

Angela is a gem, no doubt about it. Starting out there was the best way to begin a career like ours. Thanks for chiming in Karen.