Sunday, November 15, 2015

Kaleidoscope 2015

Another great Kaleidoscope of Art event has been safely tucked in for the year. The Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney, Ne. celebrates artists and art patrons by hosting 30 artists for their annual holiday fundraiser.

 MONA was in its infancy when I was growing up in Kearney. It has developed into a first class museum celebrating artists who have ties to Nebraska through heritage or subject matter. This year nearly 700 visitors passed through the front doors to see what area artists have been working on for this special weekend.
My display 
Rick Brown of the Kearney Hub newspaper and I enjoyed a fun and wide-ranging conversation while visitors browsed through the halls of the museum making their purchases.  My answer to a toss-off question he asked surprised us both.

Had this been a successful event, and why?

Evidently others had responded in the usual way; art work had sold, money had changed hands, or at the very least hopeful contacts had been made for future reference.
©2015 Patricia Scarborough Autumn Garden  6x8 oil  Sold
Those are, of course, excellent markers of success. Mine was slightly different. The words that popped out of my mouth were, "Yes it has been successful, because I want to come back next year."

Yes. Yes I do.

These events are a challenge, at least for me. There's the unique preparation for an event of this kind, as well as overnight arrangements, hauling in and setting up, taking down and hauling out. I'm pooped before the doors open for business. Plus I'm a little (or a lot) introverted, and engaging in 2 days of conversations can leave me feeling a little drained.  Often times I leave these affairs thinking, "...never again...".

Yet the answer to Rick's question was, "I'll be back. Why? I made some new friends, caught up with others, and actually had a really terrific time. MONA is a great place to share art and conversation. Plus they provide really good cookies. Oh, and yes, there were sales. That too."
©2015 Patricia Scarborough  Morning!  6x8 oil   Sold
I'll tuck the Kaleidoscope of Arts event in the scrapbook for another year, and mark it on my calendar for the first weekend in November, 2016. You should too.

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