Monday, May 12, 2008

Bon Voyage

In a conversation recently with a group of artists who were part of Alyson Stanfield's Artist Breakthrough Program, one of the members said something that wraps up my last two blog rants in a lovely way. Many thanks to Lyn Bishop for sharing her gentle and positive attitude.

Lyn prepares her beautiful artwork in a heartfelt manner for a bon voyage to it's new owner. She affirms the creative spirit of her efforts, and honors each piece with a hopeful blessing. Rather than cutting ties to her work because the process of discovery is over and the price tag is hung, she literally wishes her pieces the very best and encourages them to find new homes. I imagine it's the same way mothers send their children off into the world. Grow them up, give them everything you've got to give them, and then gently give your children to their futures.

For an artist the creative process is paramount. In order to continue that process, commerce is necessary. Let's do it in a manner that honors every step of the way.

So, to the Art Collector in a previous post who will likely squeeze my painting between her magazine rack and end table, behind the lamp and wing chair, it's a beautiful place for that painting. Thank you for your purchase. Whenever you grab a magazine, you'll see that lovely painting and think good thoughts.

That's all anyone can ask.


Alyson B. Stanfield said...

What a wonderful sentiment! I'm glad you and Lyn shared this story and hope that many other artists read it. I'll try to help out in that respect

Lyn Bishop said...

I find it a wonderful affirmation to visualize the work moving on to a wonderful new home. Before a show I will spend time with the work, and talk to each of them about transitioning to their potential new owners. I encourage the work to reach out and touch someone, and I suggest that they will be so happy in their new home. As an artist, I think we become attached and close with our work, and this pep talk helps me visualize the work moving on to wonderful new homes. Thanks for sharing my crazy process, Patricia!

Mavis said...

What a positive way to let something go out of my life and to give it a life of its own!
Thanks, Patricia and Lyn.

Lyn Bishop said...

Thanks to your encouragement, I went ahead and blogged on this topic:
thanks for the nudge!