Monday, May 19, 2008

Pledge to Fledge

This morning I enjoyed several cups of coffee on my patio early in the morning. It's just gorgeous out.
Those of you who live in the midwest will understand this. We've had a particularly long, tedious winter. The morning is crisp, with hints of warmth in the sun as it peaks over the trees to the east. The leaves on the cottonwood across the alley just barely vibrate as they pick up the heat of the sun and begin to do that little dance they do. The sky is intense blue, fresh and clean. No wind. For Nebraskan's, that's a big deal. In fact, for the past four days or so we've had little wind. I feel a bit like I've been transported to another planet, or at least another state. Nebraska always has wind. But not now. It's peaceful, in an astoundingly quiet kind of way.
But this is not the best part. The best part is the birds. They are declaring themselves, each and every one of them. Cardinals, robins, wrens, sparrows, warblers and orioles all out spreading the word. It's spring, and their babies are leaving the nest.
I've watched several fledglings flop across the yard, too large for their own good, flying messily about until they get the jist of it and really take off. How do they do it? Not fly, but get the courage to go?
Birds have it over us humans. They just do it. No pep talks, no classes, no internet chat groups led by courage gurus. They just go. Just because. Are they scared? Most likely. Being scared is a good thing. It keeps you aware. Those little creatures simply do what they're destined to do. Some make it, others don't, but it's not from lack of trying.
I pledge to be more like a fledgling bird this spring. I'm going to move into the days ahead with a "just go for it" attitude. I may flop around doing it, but by golly, I might just learn to fly.
For a lovely inspiring video of wrens leaving their nest, visit Christine Kane's always terrific blog. Watching those tiny birds take off is better than all the self-help books on the shelf.

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