Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sold on Giving!

Handsome Husband and I spent a lovely evening with some truly terrific people this weekend. The Masonic Home in Plattsmouth, Nebraska hosted a Garden Party as a means of raising funds to renovate a wing of this beautiful retirement home.
The campus of this establishment is gorgeous, manicured and spotless in the kind of way that means it always looks that good.
We were treated to a fabulous dinner, the likes of which I doubt I'll ever taste again. Gorgeously presented, I'd have taken a photo of it, but it took both hands to handle my overflowing plate.
They even arranged for a plane to fly overhead with a banner reading: "Thanks Masonic Home Donors". How cool is that?! A silent auction gave folks the opportunity to offer financial support on a smaller scale, and a live auction was held for those folks who spend willingly and openly. And generously. Auctioneer Randy Fleming of Great Plains Realty-Auction kept the bidding spirited. I was honored to have been asked to donate a painting for the auction and I'm tickled to tell you that Reg Kuhn, Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge of Nebraska, won the bid for "Dismal River", a lovely little pastel painting if I do say so myself! (Check it out on my web site under the pastel gallery).
It was a great time spent with dedicated people who choose to serve others in honorable ways.
Despite what you see on tv, or read in the paper, this world is full of truly good people doing truly good things. I'm thrilled to be a part of such an event.

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