Monday, August 4, 2008

CASA Donation

True to my belief in giving when you can, I'm donating another painting to be raffled off for a really good cause. The over $1,000 in art I've given away this year is about $900 more than I could give in real dollars, so I'm pretty pleased. This painting will be given to a lucky person sometime in November (dates are still being settled on). The real winner will be CASA, a national child advocacy program using trained volunteers to act as advocates for abused and neglected children in court.

It's a really lovely framed 8 x 10 oil. Haybales are a favorite subject for me. Their warm gold hue and solid form speak to safety, comfort, and warmth against the long cold winters we enjoy. Under any other circumstance, I'd sell an 8 x 10 for at least $250. That's a potential savings of $249!!

Funds raised will go toward supporting CASA volunteers in Fillmore County. These folks use their own cars and gas, time etc. and funds raised will go directly to helping them out. I can't think of a better group to support.

How can you help? Send in $1 for each chance to win. Your name will go into a big hat, or bucket or whatever, and during half-time of a Geneva Panthers basketball game, we'll grab a name out. Along with your $1, send your name and address so we can get the painting to you if (when) you win. Send your bucks to:

Amanda Miller
Director Fillmore County CASA
2471 Rd 550
Carleton, Nebraska, 68326

Lest you think I'm secretly a Nigerian Prince, well, there are precious few Nigerian princes in Nebraska. None, actually.

Good luck to you! Your donation can help children get a better life. Not bad for $1.

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