Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starting Over, Again

Jeesh, it's only January 4th of the brand new year, and I'm behind already. This was going to be my year, my year, to learn new things and try new things and start new things.

January 1st I set out to find out just exactly how to accomplish all that I wanted. Grabbed a notebook and a new pencil and started to make a list.

I read my backlog of Alyson Stanfield's ArtBiz blogs. Wow! Tons of marketing tips and ideas on how to get that gallery representation and even a few good recipes.

Better get a bigger notebook.

I canoed over to EmptyEasel and promised myself I'd learn to be a smarter painter. As soon as I learned how to be a better blogger by learning to write well. And doggone it, I'm going to be more professional about my business!

Blog! Artists are supposed to comment on the blogs of other artists or sites that have to do with art. Which means I have to actually read those blogs. Twitter, too! Gotta keep that Facebook thing going.

And because all of this self improvement makes me a bit nervous, I realize I need to add some serious self-guidance and promise myself I'll get it together. Squeeze some meditation in, too. Yeah, that'll really help.

Got a new camera and so far I know how to turn it on. Add 'learn camera' to the list.

And it's 4 days into January, and I'm pooped.

Where did all this start? With a desire to be a full time working artist. And do it better than I did it last year.

I'm thinking I need to go back and re-do my New Year's list. In my excitement to improve my painting business, I neglected, well, my painting.

Next week, the painting will come first.

How are you doing with your list?


Sarah said...

My list is going good, right now that is ; -) What kind of a camera did you get? FUN!
Looking forward to our lesson in a couple of weeks!!!

Karine said...

You already ARE a good writer, and funny! Which is why I keep coming back.

My list is still under construction....

Juanita said...

Sheesh, Patty! I read your post and was exhausted. If you're learning to be a photographer, a blogger, a business person, a self-confident well-adapted psyche, where's the time to be

an artist!??

Missed the club meeting. I actually had stuff to bring, like my poinsettias on wrinkled paper,
and some apples, and the red vase...

I'd ask for the GIMME but I lose such stuff.

I like your blog. I just got a Canon PowerShot S-something. We could go on some photo trips together and learn the digital world.


Patricia said...

Juanita...exactly my point! Self-employed artists must work twice as hard as the rest of the world! Well, it seems like it anyway.

Karine...You're such a sweetie!

Sarah...Woo Hoo!!