Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Big 5-0

Yesterday was as perfect a day as one can get on this planet. The sky was achingly blue, the kind of blue that is so pure and rich and complete that it's impossible to describe. The sun was deliciously warm, with barely a breeze to ruffle the new grass.

To celebrate, I wrote a song. It's to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." I've changed it to "The Twelve Hours of Spring", in honor of those perfect 12 hours of absolutely flawless springtime weather. Sing it with me, won't you? And let's start it at the end. We don't have all day.

In the twelfth hour of springtime my true love gave to me...

hyacinth in bloom

breezes softly wafting

buds peeking meekly

squirrels dancing wildly

trees budding leaflets

cardinals a-calling

clouds white as cotton

Tooooo-lips pure red!

gold finches flitting

neighbor mowing loudly

daffodils a-bloom

(drum roll please)

and a sky that's as blue as can beeeeeeeee!

And if that isn't enough to get you excited about spring, Mavis and I are getting ready to celebrate the Big 5-0.

We're at Day 35 in our quest to discover what's Off The Highway, our 100 paintings in 100 days project. When we reach Day 50, the Big 5-0, on May 8th, 2009, we'll immortalize the occasion by giving away that day's paintings to two lucky people.

Here's how you can get in on the festivities-

Skip on over to Off The Highway, and say hello. That's it. You could expand on that if you'd like, and actually say something else, like, "Wow, your work is fabulous!", or "Sign me up for the Big 5-0!", but a simple "hello" will do. We'll keep track, put the names into a hat and draw out the winners. How cool is that?
Day 35 Wetlands 5 x 7 oil on gessoed board

No, really, how cool is that?


Karine said...

Hi Patty!!!

I left a comment on your "Off the Highway" site, but it isn't showing up. So if I don't see it tomorrow, I am going to leave another.

I have had no internet for over THREE DAYS. Horrible. But I am back now, and I missed you.

ccampbell said...

Uh THAT tune is stuck in my head ;)
I'm glad spring sprang for you. We just got 8 inches of sparkly cloud poop, but the daylilies are so excited they're out and looking around already.
Your paintings are glorious and I came in for my usual fix.
love C

Nancy and the fatties said...

Totally stunning cloud painting patty!! Ok I have to try for that awesome prize. Your work is always amazing. And I had no idea you could sing so well! : )

Patricia said...

So glad you're enjoying my song writing talents!! Perhaps I'll create a little tune for summer. Something about prickly heat...or not.

Little Me said...

Here is just a note to say I love that you're on the information highway as well as off the beaten path. I love looking at what you have been up to!

My personal favorite is the teacup at this point and I really like the cracks in the sidewalk! I still like the haybales done in the purpley blues, yellows, that you did a long time ago...maybe you still have that at home.

It's so cool this idea of the 100 days of painting! It looks like it is going great!

Lisa H