Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 26 and Counting

This is Day 26 of Mavis Penney's and my "Off The Highway" project. Mavis and I are cruising into our sixth week of daily painting. Frankly, I'm impressed. It wasn't long ago I was gasping for air, whining and terrified of both failing and succeeding.
I was worried that
1- I wouldn't hold up my end of the agreement with Mavis.
2- I was worried about what you'd think.
3- What if I couldn't think of anything to paint?
4- What if the sky fell?
5- What if?
1. It might happen that I might not be able to complete this project. I can't guarantee I can count that high. It occurs to me that maybe you can't either.
2. You might not love each and every little painting I create. Oh well. I might not either.
3. I might just have to paint the same thing over and over again. Golly. It's called a "series".
4. The sky falling? Well, if that happens it'll put me a little bit closer to the stars.
It's been so grey and drab this month, and I needed some color desperately. Funny, I found it in a chunk of clear glass.
I found this Hemingray-54 Insulator near Highway 6 among the weeds of an old farmstead. When a meager ray of sunlight managed to work its way through the clouds, it landed on this piece, and bent into a thousand colors.
Studying the light in that glass, and the way it filtered through onto the table, there'll be a hundred paintings in me, I know it. And I can hardly wait to start the next one.
Thanks for checking up on me.
And if you think of it, vote for Brian for Prom King.


Sarah said...

I am so glad you can breath again!
Accomplishing a daily painting is no easy task. Exhausting,yes!But the progress into our own technique or one we're trying to find can very rewarding. Keep it up,Girlfriend!!! I really enjoy being able to see all of your daily paintings. motivate me to KEEP up with my daily painting :)
(Amazing how feed off of each other)

Anonymous said...

Brian will appreciate the support!!!!!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Nice work lady!!! this is just a piece of cake for you. I think you need more of a challenge. Two a day. You can launch the Skartz Challenge - Two A Day Painters Movement!

Patricia said...

Sarah - are you still painting daily? When does the world get to see these beauties?
Nancy - I'm thinking of "50 ways to paint one thing". Are you in?!!
Sis - I've got balloons and streamers if it'll help...

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

I love your work, just found your blog. I understand your feelings,don't worry, just keep painting. That's what I tell myself.

angela said...

Brian's got my vote and let the sky fall. I say if you paint it that well that far away just think how well you would paint it if you were upclose. I am so impressed and breathless. This is an amaizing excersize and no sit-ups!
Love you, angela