Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do You Want to be a Duck?

Y'know how Mom always admonished you to hang out with the right kind of people? Well, I know where you can find some folks who would make her grin from ear to ear.

I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out under the Graham Gallery tent at the Cottonwood Festival in Hastings, Ne, the last couple of days.

Angela Graham, gallery owner, has, over the years, managed to surround herself with a group of truly delightful, kind, funny and incredibly talented people. Bunches of of them gathered this weekend at the park, some to share their artwork with the public and some to hang out and help.

Daniel Keys shares a story for Fine Art Views about a duck for (this will all make sense in a moment) who thought he was a chicken. Something about the egg falling out of the nest and being added to a hen's nest by a well meaning farmer. The duck hatches and thinks it's a chicken because that's who he is surrounded by. Of course he never learns to fly, or swim, or quack very well, or any of the other ducky things he should be doing because he's not hangin' with other ducks.

The point is that in order to be the best person - or duck - that you can be, you should surround yourself with the right kind of du-er-people. Or artists.

Three years ago I managed to walk into a gallery run by a kind, patient, intelligent, honest woman. She has surrounded herself with kind, patient, charmingly goofy and intelligent people, who in turn have surrounded themselves with the same. And I got to hang out with them for the weekend. I feel smarter already.

After hanging with my peeps (sorry!) I start my week challenged to think more deeply about what I do and why I do it. I'm excited to try some new ideas on new surfaces thanks to the kindness of new friends who were encouraging and helpful.
I am ready, stronger and fearless to move forward artistically thanks to support from this new flock of mine.

I got me a flock Mom can brag to the neighbors about.

Who's in your flock?
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Karine said...

YOU are in my flock, dear friend. YOU.

Patricia said...

Ah!! Thank you so much!! Birds of a feather, and all that. Big hugs my friend-