Sunday, December 6, 2009

Giving In

@2009 P Scarborough, Square 7 'Morning' 12x12" oil

Well lah-di-dah for me! I've been selected as Favorite Artist by Elena of Springview Nebraska Elementary School in beautiful Keya Paha County, Nebraska. I am tickled to pieces!

Thank you so much, my young artist friend.

Elena is working on a writing project and has asked a few questions of me that I've been thinking about for several days. They seemed so simple at first, like all good questions. They're really got me thinking.

Such as...

What inspired you to become an artist? Hmmmmmmmmm. What did inspire me?

Gosh, I tried drumming up memories of a grand moment, a time in history when I got goosebumps and whispered, this is it. I worked hard at dredging up memories of long quiet visits to museums to study and commune with Van Gogh, Picasso, Sargent. Was there a grown-up who said, Good Golly child, you're a genius! Hm, no, I really can't remember anything like that at all.

Honestly, I think I just gave in.

The art room is where I always felt comfortable. I knew the language in that country. There was no worry of losing something in the translation. (Unlike that foreign land, algebra.) To use lines to communicate texture or weight or an emotion was as normal to me as burping after chugging a soda. Doesn't everyone do that?

Some people take jobs to pay rent, buy a car, feed their families. I did that too. Eventually the jobs were about buying art supplies and art classes.

And one day I gave in completely. I surrendered to the feeling that painting daily was the most important thing I could offer this planet.

So I did, and I do. Giving in to this life is the most rewarding action I've ever taken. I'm me, in my own country speaking the language I know.

Thanks for asking the question Elena. It was good for me to answer. Good luck with your project, and stay in touch. Maybe one day I'll be seeing your lovely artwork in a gallery or museum, and we'll talk about the days in art class where we felt so much at home.


michaelbcampbell said...

"I'm me, in my own country speaking the language I know."

That was beautifully said, Patty. I know the feeling, although I don't often listen to it. Sometimes a magic phrase like yours makes things clearer. Thank you!

Gary said...

Hi Patricia,
I love almost every painting I have seen so far. What a joy to find someone painting skys and the light through trees ....just gorgeous.No wonder the Bible says 'the heavens declare the glory of God'.
I don't how to spell WHAOOOOO!
Gary Hiscott


Nice work.

Patricia said...

Hey Mickey, thanks for stopping by.
Gary, gosh, thank you for your kind support. Hey everyone, Gary's got a fab website!
And dear Perez, thankyew very much!
Don't be strangers - come back soon!