Friday, January 22, 2010

Counter Clock

Several weeks ago I promised you some very cool and exciting news. After the usual creative delays, it's time to share.

My nephew, Brian Scarborough, has recently finished his first CD of original jazz. A freshman at the University of Kansas, this CD is, well, wicked awesome. Really.

Brian's been playing trombone for most of his life, and jams with some pretty cool cats in the Kansas City area already. If this CD is any hint of what's to come, KC won't be able to keep him.

Titled "Counter Clock", it's an exploration of the darker tones of music. Says young Brian, "In music, we often associate sounds with colors, dark and rich would be the blues and dark purples, and the bright sounds would be yellow and reds etc. Along those lines, chords have the same effect, and chord progressions do too. So, I tried exploring the richer and darker sounds (colors). " When I was his age I was having trouble tying my shoes.
Not only is it very cool for me to get to brag about this fine young man, I also get to brag about my part of the process. Every CD needs a cover, and I got to design this one. It was a stretch working with the idea of time, or lack thereof, and all of the possible interpretations. It won't be the last time. I'm hooked.
Thanks, Brian, for giving me the opportunity to participate in your debut. Wicked awesome, really.


Kaylyn said...

Fabulous. Absolutely terrific painting. I live in Lawrence and have been heavily influenced in my musical interests and tastes by the very good jazz program at KU. I hope I get a chance to hear Brian sometime.

Ah kids these days...what I see of some tip notch art students in High School is what I was doing as an undergrad or much much better.

Kaylyn said...

Holy Cow! I went to Brian's website and listened to the first track. He's there already. Really Really good.

Is he from KC? If so, I think I may have heard some talk about him over the last couple of years. He needs to meet Tommy Johnson if he hasn't already. A great trumpeter, and an bonafide angel.

Pilgrim/Heretic said...

You know, I was skimming over this post, and thinking "Okay, trombone isn't really my favorite in the world, but *dang* is that a great CD cover!" ...and then thought "Hey, wait a minute, I bet Patty had something to do with that." :) Gorgeous! I'll head over to give Brian a listen, too.

Karine said...

Wow, Patty! That is really cool! I will head over to give the album a listen. It's worth it just for the cover!

Simz said...

its really cool ...