Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lucky Square 13

Dear Reader-

It's been a bit of a long weekend, so I'll share another square mile painting with you and call it good.

Square 13 @2009 October Mist 12x12 pastel

This piece is one of those that had a mind of it's own, taking a different direction than I had intended. I'm learning to go with that flow, believing that my right "intuitive" brain and hand have a special relationship that my left "knowing" brain isn't privvy to.

Sometimes, most times, painting is a process of discovery, the understanding that occurs when play is allowed to overtake the plan. I took a "what would happen if" approach. Sometimes that process works, sometimes not, but it's always worth trying.

Thanks to those of you who checked out Brian's music. Pretty amazing, isn't it!

I see that before long we'll be celebrating 100 posts here at Skartz. Probly time to have a party!

Check your inbox, invitations will be coming soon!


Kaylyn said...

HAHA...I know all about that left brain trying to meddle where it doesn't belong! Been fighting it all week. Hmmm...was it the full moon or what?

Glad to see your right brain took charge, this is a beautiful piece!

Patricia said...

Kaylyn, good to hear from you! How do you subdue that left brain take-over? Hm, sounds like a great blog topic!