Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tah Dah!

It's a pretty cool milestone for me, Dear Reader, and you as well.
This post is number 100 in my blogging career. 
When I started this facet of my art life, I was fairly intimidated by the requirements, and by the number of posts so many of my more verbose friends were piling up.  To ease my fluttering heart, I promised myself (and you) that I wouldn't add to the cacaphony of the blogosphere by posting willy-nilly several times a week, or maybe worse yet, by posting only when the mood hit me.
I've kept my promise. I've posted once each week for 100 weeks. And to celebrate this achievement, I promised you that I'd draw a name out of my special name-drawing hat.  The owner of the name drawn out of the name-drawing hat would win an honest-to-goodness original P. Scarborough painting.

This 8x10 oil was painted on site at a little pond here in town. It's a lovely little piece, and quite honestly, I'm gonna miss it.

My name-drawing hat also serves as my plein aire painting hat.  It seemed appropriate that it be used for this event.  (Here I am, warming it up for the big drawing.  Wouldn't want to put valuable names in a cold hat.) goes!
The anticipation builds...and the winner of the 100th Post Drawing is...

...Chase!!  Chase my friend, email me at and we'll get the delivery of this lovely little celebratory painting figured out. 
For all you runners-up, I leave you with a cool gift in the way of a link to the Rowe Sanctuary's astonishing crane cam.  It's an amazing view into one of the world's amazing events, the annual sandhill crane migration right here in south central Nebraska.
What's cool in your world?


Chase said...

WOW! I'm so thrilled that my name was drawn! An email is on it's way...

Karine said...

Congrats to the winner, and to you, for your accomplishment! Loved the photos of you...

Joe Gregory said...

Great pastel class Patrica!
I hope you get this message as I am trying to blog you.
Joe G.
What ever happened to rotory dialing phone conversations???

Patricia said...

Joe, thanks for keeping in touch. I had a great time in class, let's do it again soon!
As for the rotary phone...I think it's gone the way of the carrier pigeon!