Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art Zoos and other Tips

It's the middle of June and art festivals are in full swing.  This weekend Handsome Husband and I shared a spot in the Graham Gallery tent at Cottonwood Art Festival in Hastings, Ne.  It's a very nice event and we were happy to be there.  Big thanks to Angela Graham for hosting a wonderful group of artists to hang out with, and thanks to tent-mates Nicole Gustafsson, Max Miller, Steph & Chris with Pixybug Designs, and Mary Vaughan for being so much fun. 

Art festivals are a bit like being in a zoo.  People come and stare a bit before wandering off to look at something a bit more interesting. 

To make the whole affair a bit more civilized, Handsome Husband and I created a few guidelines for folks who plan on attending an art festival in the near future.

Forthwith our helpful hints:

Artist's don't bite.  Well, at least the ones I know don't.  It's okay to look at us and say hello.

Resist the temptation to ask the artist if they plan on being famous after they die. Most of us are working on it now.

It's really okay to visit with the artist.  Please understand, though, that the artist is there to sell their work, and while your Aunt Ruby and her purple-ribbon-winning county fair watercolor entry is truly fascinating, we must sometimes interrupt to attend to others. No offense intended to you or your Aunt Ruby.

The artist knows you can't draw a stick figure.  Neither can half the population of the free world, including the artist with whom you are sharing that bit of information.

Please do not allow your jaw to drop or your eyeballs to bug out when you inquire about prices.  Spitting out your lemonade is also unnecessary.  Simply take a slow, deep breath and back away from the booth without bumping into anything with a price tag on it.

Absolutely bring your children to art festivals.  Probably shouldn't let them in an artist's booth with their quadroople-scoop bubblegum pink icecream cone, however.

No, the artist is not starving.  Ha ha right back atcha.

Enjoy your phone conversations somewhere else.  Anywhere else.

Enjoy art.  Don't be intimidated.  It's okay to ask.  We love talking about what we do, and it won't cost you a dime.


Karine said...

I enjoyed your list, Patty. I wish I had the sense of humor you have. xo

Patricia said...

Hey, my California friend! Does this list agree with your art fair experiences? Or is it just me...