Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thank You - Just in Case

Read any Miss Manners column in any paper in the world, and she will extol the virtue of the Thank-You Note.

You've gotten of few of them in your life, haven't you?  And don't they make you feel all warm and yummy inside?  And maybe just a bit more generous toward the sender of that note, like you wouldn't mind doing something nice for them again.  (Unless of course, said sender's mother wrote the note for them, and signed it and addressed the envelope and licked the stamp, and you wonder whether the thank-er even knows a note was sent in their name.)

I - and many other artists I know - send thank-you notes when art is purchased.  I for one appreciate that another human being desires my work enough to separate themselves from some of their hard earned cash. 

Some establishments in the business of selling artwork do not want you (the artist) to know who bought your work.  Fearful that you will establish a relationship with the buyer, the gallery acts a bit the prom queen who doesn't want her Hot Date dancing with any Other Girl. Granted, there are rude, short-sighted artists who have spurned their galleries and had affairs with their buyers. But to assume that every relationship with an artist after that will lead to tears and deception is a bit, well, dramatic, eh?  For those who act the jerk (most likely to avoid paying commissions) it would seem completely acceptable, then, for the gallery to ditch the double-crosser, grab their corsage and go home. Or at least give them a stern talking to.

To those galleries who hold their buyer info with a clenched fist, relax. Buyers I know really appreciate hearing from artists who say thank you.  Having you do it for us just isn't the same.  Happy artist, happy buyer, happy gallery.

That's good all 'round.

So,  thanks in advance to those of you who will be coming out to Celebrate Geneva Patriotism.  This will be the first year for Art on the Green under the beautiful shade trees of the Fillmore County Courthouse.  We'll be exhibiting and selling from 9:30 to 5:00 pm on Saturday July 3rd.  See what some of the area's terrific artists and artisans have been doing.  (And buy!  We love sending thank-yous!)

@ 2010 Private Property, Late Afternoon P Scarborough
Available for purchase and thank-you note!

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Karine said...

I love sending thank you notes, too. Wish I could come to Geneva Patriotism! xoxo