Monday, July 5, 2010

Inaugural Art on the Green

Yesterday, July 3rd, was Geneva's very first Art on the Green, held under the shade trees on the beautiful Fillmore County Courthouse lawn.  It was a new addition to the usual festivities held annually in Geneva to celebrate Independence Day. 

As the go-to gal on this endeavor, I was pretty nervous. I've participated in art festivals before, but that's a whole 'nuther animal than building an event from the ground up. The devil's in the details, y'know.

And to add a bit of excitement,  80 mile-per-hour winds whipped through the center of our little community just a few days before, flattening several beautiful old trees and lifting a few roof tops. As Saturday morning rolled around the weather report called for some clouds, some wind, some sun , maybe some rain, maybe not...anything from soup to nuts. Which is pretty much what the weatherman called for the week before when we got it all. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of artwork flying over the rooftops or melting into the grass. 

More importantly, though, I felt a huge obligation to both my community and the artists who agreed to come. I had all my digits crossed for a successful day for everyone. 

As it worked out, the community of Geneva supported our first Art on the Green in wonderful ways.  And participating artists gave visitors something to appreciate and in lots of cases, take home.
Huge thanks to sculptor Sally Jurgensmier, painters Jean Cook of Grand Island, Janet Butler of Wichita, Kansas, and Sue Johnson of Shickley; photographers Max Miller and Helen Johnson, both of Geneva; potter Nancy Fairbanks of Grand Island; and Chris & Steph Haussler, the Pixybug Designers from Lawrence. I am honored that you put your trust in me and in Geneva.

Deep appreciation also from all of the exhibitors for the gracious support we received from the community. The meal provided by the Masonic Lodge #79 was a real pleasure, and the crowds for Art on the Green were wonderful.  Thanks also to the Geneva Art Association for supporting this project.  I needn't have worried.

Of course, I can't get away without mentioning - once more - the support I get from Handsome Husband.  What a peach.  He spent the day loading and unloading, visiting with patrons and babysitting art booths. What a guy.

All that's left to do is scratch mosquito bites and look forward to next year.

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Karine said...

Congratulations, Patty! Sounds like your event was a true success. Lack of wind is helpful, isn't it?