Sunday, July 11, 2010

Me...and You

There are days when I as an artist feel very much alone.  It's just me against against my canvas. 

You know what I mean, because you do it alone too. No one there to check in with.  Nobody lurking over your shoulder to guide you with a touch of the hand or a lifting of the eyebrows. No matter what classes or gatherings or klatches you attend, and really, no matter what you do - painter, writer, builder or thinker, sooner or later the decision to make a mark is yours and yours alone.

 It is, then, with overwhelming gratitude that I honor and thank those who connect with my work.

@2010 P Scarborough  Firefly Morning  30 x 40" Oil

You leave shadowy footprints, left quietly, subtle hints that I am in fact not alone in creating my version of the world. When I get bogged down in doubt or frustration, when I wonder if anyone else "gets it", there is a thread of connection to you, a whisper that says, "yes, we see  it too."

Thank you for adding my paintings to your collections.  Thanks, even, for just asking about me. It's intriguing and delightful to me to know you're there.


Karine said...

Oh, you didn't feel me looking over your shoulder, saying, "COOL."??? 'Cuz I was...

Patricia said...

Ah, thank you sweet Karine. You always make me smile.