Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Gratitude

As I sit in my over-stuffed chair, feet up, tummy full of the last slice of pie from the gigantic Thanksgiving meal we shared with family, I reflect on how truly blessed I am.  It's important to take time now and then to pause and let a moment like this soak in.
I'm grateful, really grateful.
There are the obvious things to be grateful for, of course. There is my Handsome Husband. He supports me, helps me focus, shares the bright side to my doubts and makes me laugh. A lot.
There are my sons. They support me, and eat what's left over. Being their Mom has helped me become a better person.
There is my family, allllll of them.

I've written grateful lists before. Consider this an addendum.

More things I'm grateful for:
blue Skies and calm winds
long walks
cadmium yellow
online friends
jars of paint brushes
stacks of gessoed panels
a sturdy easel
clean drinking water
my laptop
warm thick socks
a good mattress
funky ear muffs
good lighting
home made bread
utility companies
safe, easily accessible medication
time to paint
good, honest galleries
people who listen
zippers that work
templates for Internet communication
hand made Christmas ornaments
comfortable jeans
acceptance - of you, of me, each of us as wonderful and odd as we are.

Feel free to add to the list if you'd like.


Jodi Campbell said...

I am grateful for Pie! And walks, and my trusty car that carried us halfway across the country, and leftovers, and hilarious and supportive family that are always fun to be around. And games, and cats to come home to. And pie. Did I mention pie?

Patricia said...

Pie. Mmmmm say it again. Pie,,,

Gwenn said...

Cadmium yellow! And also quinacridone magenta. And lots of other things you mentioned...!

Patricia said...

And blogger friends, let's not forget them!

Kaylyn said...

We have similar lists! As I continue my transition from professional architect to professional painter (hopeful), I don't give thanks as much for the undo feature in Autcad but find Cad Yellow rising on my gratitude list!

Patricia said...

Kaylyn - It's a great day when you have a little cad yellow under a fingernail. Good luck with your transition, and stop by often!