Sunday, November 21, 2010


To be painfully honest, tonight I have nothing to say. 
Normally, that doesn't stop me.
I whack away at the keys until something sticks, and then build from there.
But not tonight.
Because lately I've been noticing how much blather there is in the world.  Signs posted on so many surfaces no one bothers to read, music in every corner of every store in every mall no one is soothed by and, yes, blogs by the billion with very little content.
So, despite the admonitions of all the coaches and gurus out there who warn that without my online presence, my presence on the planet will go unnoticed, I'm not going to share anything this week.  I'll take a risk and simply leave a little space where some words could have nestled, a sign could have been posted, a tuneless melody shared. I'll do my part and leave you with some quiet.
Take a slow breath and enjoy it.

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