Sunday, May 8, 2011

De LUX Reception

Friday night was the opening reception for my new collection of oils and pastels titled "Private Property" at LUX Center for the Arts in Lincoln, Ne.
Ho-lee Cow.
Huge thanks to the staff at LUX for their dedication and hard work.  The exhibit looks amazing if I do say so myself.  LUX is a classy space, and seeing these paintings beautifully presented was a real thrill.  To top it off, the snacks were delicious. They even managed to get the weather to cooperate.
A sampling of the evening:

These are the fellas to whom I am most grateful. (Thanks Ann, for the great photo!) Their support and appreciation keeps me going.
You might recognize a couple of them from last week's post. 

"Private Property" will be on exhibit at LUX Center for the Arts through June 25th.  Stop in, and spend some time.  See what I see in the overlooked spaces of private property.

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