Sunday, May 1, 2011

Memory Lane

Greetings Friends-

Some of you may have noticed that Handsome Husband and I have been away.  We made a delightful trip to the land of vacationers with Uncle Brudah and Sis.  It was great to get away, and always great to come home again.

The four of us had a great time monkeying around, and reminiscing about old times.  And because it's also just a few days before my opening at LUX Center for the Arts in Lincoln, HH and I were also thinking back to my first exhibit there, just a short 15 years ago. 
Because I'm still fairly jet lagged from our trip, I'll leave you with two of our favorites from that very first LUX  exhibit.  Both paintings are of family members, the first our ancient dog, the second our very fine sons at a very young, very hip age.  It's fun to see how we've all changed. 

©Patricia Scarborough  "Bob, 6:00 am"  24 x 18 pastel

©Patricia Scarborough  "Photo Op"  24 x 18 pastel 
Collection of the Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney, Ne.

Gentle reminder..."Private Property" will open Friday, May 6th at LUX Center for the Arts in Lincoln, Ne. and run through June 25th.  If you can make it to the opening reception Friday, May 6th from 5 - 8 pm, that'd be lovely.
You enjoy, and I'll haul my tired bones to the laundry pile.

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Hannah said...

Patricia--it's lots of fun to see how you were painting 15 years ago (excellently!) and to know how much it means to see the faces of those who have grown so in the years that followed. Ah, the time of the "hip and cool"--it's a time I remember well with my own son!