Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ahoy Columbus

Greetings All-

 I'm just getting back from the opening reception at the Columbus Art Gallery, so these pictures are hot off the press.

Many thanks to the patrons who came in from gorgeous weather on a Sunday afternoon to share this artistic experience with Abe Abraham, Lauralyn Pilakowski, Tom Hubbell and I. 

Abe retired from teaching art at Columbus Community College, and his work is a wonderful blend of styles and subjects.  His students were lucky to have had him share his immense talents with them.

Dick "Abe" Abraham takes a break from visiting with his fans.

Lauralyn uses creates pastel portraits that are sensitive and lovely.  Being a pastel painter myself I appreciate her skills with the medium.  Tom Hubbell's delightful ceramic pieces were a great counterpoint to what was hanging on the walls.  
The Columbus Art Gallery is located on the lower level of the Columbus Library, in a spacious room perfect for showing - and talking -  about art.  It was a pleasure meeting new friends and visiting about all things art.  It was a knowledgeable crowd, which made it all the more enjoyable.

Take a minute or two to see what's going on in the art world in central Nebraska.  It'll be well worth your time.


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Karine said...

Love the photos. I feel like I'm there. Congratulations, my friend!