Sunday, August 14, 2011


This weekend I played hookey. 

Rather than spend hours on this blog crafting just the right tone and delighting you with my immense humor, wit and knowledge (caught you, you just looked up to make sure you had the right blog, didn't you?), Handsome Husband and I spent the last two days outside like little kids.

After weeks of nasty high temps and worse humidity Saturday dawned crisp and clear, dry and breezy, a day just begging for us to come out and play.  And so we did.  Tonight we are bone tired, sun burned, and happy as clams.

© Patricia Scarborough 5x7 oil

© Patricia Scarborough 5x7 oil

 © Patricia Scarborough 5x7 oil

Lest you think I was a bum all week, I'll leave you with some small pieces I've been preparing for the Museum of Nebraska Art's Kaleidescope event coming up in November. More details on that coming soon.

There are just a few hours left in the weekend, and I'm going to go squeeze as much out of them as I can.

What did you do this weekend to break your stride?


Hannah said...

Does splaying yourself full length under your air conditioner count:)?
I did break today, taking a day off of work and wondering at the simple pleasure of eating a turkey sandwich on sourdough, eaten at my own pace and accompanied by a juicy magazine.

I'm enamoured by the cloudscape at the top; the billowing clouds with the smudgy line of trees underneath. Does it have a title?

Patty said...

Ah, the delight of lunch with a crossword puzzle. One of life's great pleasures.
I haven't titled that piece yet. Picking titles is difficult for me. Do you have any suggestions?