Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gratitude 2011

I am sitting here in my comfy chair, pondering the events of our annual  Thanksgiving Family Extravaganza.  There are 2 slices of pie left in the fridge just waiting for me to finish this post so that they – and I - can go to pie heaven.
Our  family and guests have been hugged hello, coats tossed on the bed, tables set, food laid out, stories shared, seconds scooped, belts unbuckled, babies tickled, dishes washed, crumbs swept, recipes shared, and goodbyes hugged with promises to keep in touch.  Laughter still hangs in the air, along with the aroma of turkey and stuffing. 

I'm grateful, really grateful.
First on my list is  always my Handsome Husband. He supports me, helps me focus, shares the bright side to my doubts and makes me laugh. A lot. He inspires me by his patient, kind demeanor, and his desire to be a good example for those around him.

There are my sons. They’re on my side as well. No one makes me laugh like they do. And no one makes me more proud. Being their Mom has helped me become a better person.

There is the Campbell Clan. I’m delighted that they’re willing to come long distances to share a meal with us.
The Campbell Clan, Thanksgiving 2011
To live in the middle of this fine country is a blessing indeed, despite what the news declares.  There is health and home, jobs and friends, a full pantry and knowledge that tomorrow will indeed arrive at the appointed time.

What else am I grateful for?
A good haircut


Belly laughs
Really good art supplies

Warm sun on a cool day

My little yellow sailboat

Butterfly bushes

Colored glass insulators

Clean motels

The furnace guy


An early newspaper that lands on my porch
Friends, including you, dear reader.
Feel free to add to the list. What are you grateful for this year?


Patty said...

From HH himself: Interesting photo of the Campbell Clan. They seem to be "maturing" quite well. Just missing two of my favorites - Tom and Cheryl.

Karen Krull Robart said...

I am grateful for: a 91-year-old father-in-law who just keeps on going; my Dear Husband who makes sure the former is able to keep on going; that DH got away for two weeks to Texas to recharge his batteries; that DH is coming home on Friday so I can turn over the keys of responsibility to him. I am also grateful for some of the wonders of modern life: computers so I can Skype with DH in Texas and my son in Japan, and keep in touch with friends like you; heat and running water and the power that makes it all happen. Waking up in the morning (most days, anyway), the smell of fresh coffee. The list goes on and on and on, but right now it is time for Skype. Happy day after the day after the day after Thanksgiving, Patty!

Patty said...

Hey Karen, thanks for stopping by! Coffee, yesssssssss.