Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Dancing

Greetings Dear Reader-

Hooooo-ey what a week its been!  I have had more fun the last 7days than a person has a right to, and  the exciting thing is I'm not done yet. 

Wednesday I was interviewed on NTV's Good Life, a morning news program featuring local folks doing fun and interesting things.  Since I am both fun and interesting (at least in my world) I spent a few minutes with hosts Carol and Roni visiting about my Land Marks exhibit, and other upcoming events.

(An admission:  After spending entirely too long trying to embed the video of the interview, I surrender and provide links.  It worked once and has since refused to cooperate.  I had hoped to impress you not only with my interview skills but with my internet tech skills.   My feet are firmly planted in reality now, thankyew very much.)

Surprise, NTV's videos are only available for a few days! You'll just have to imagine how fabulous I was... 

The first part of the interview:

And then we retired to the set "kitchen" for some painting fun:

On Saturday I shared a 3-hour pastel demonstration at Crane Trust Nature Center.  Visitors from far and wide have been stopping there to witness one of nature's great migratory events so there were lots of interesting folks to visit with.

Painting in front of an audience is always a challenge. Part performance art, part education,  it involves accessing both halves of my already sizzling brain at the same time, thus causing a traffic jam of epic proportion. It's a bit like two fat people trying to squeeze through a doorway at the same time going different directions; with a little thought and preparation it can be done, but a a certain point there's just going to be some shoving and pushing and someone's gonna look a little silly.

Even got a little television action from local Channel 5 in Hastings....

And the fun continues.  Next weekend I'll be teaching a one-day pastel workshop at Stuhr Museum, and the Sunday after that I'll be doing another demo, also at Stuhr.

I'm living my dream. I'm grateful to you, Dear Reader, to Handsome Husband, to the fine folks at Stuhr Museum, Crane Trust Nature Center and Nebraska Arts Council for helping it become a reality.

I'm all a-grin and doing a happy dance across the room.

What kind of happy dance are you doing?


Hannah said...

Patty, You are just as witty and humorous as I've imagined you to be. Watching the video was great fun. You handle the pastels with such wonderful ease. I wish I could be there to watch your demonstrations in person.

Patty said...

Ah, you are too kind. It was a blast and I'm looking forward to the next couple of events. Perhaps one day we'll cross paths in person!

Mavis said...

Yahoo! Wee-hah! Congratulations!

Karine said...

KEWL!!!! My friend Patty is a TV star now. I am so impressed! You were as calm as a cucumber on tv. I think my hands would have been shaking.


Patty said...

Thanks Karine! That rattle you heard was my knees knocking!