Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stuhr Workshop

Greetings Friends-

I love teaching workshops, especially for those folks who are just getting started. Yesterday's class was immensely enjoyable, filled with artists who were willing to stretch outside their comfort zones and experiment with pastels. Kari, curator at Stuhr Museum, provided us with everything we could hope for to have a really comfortable day. (Read muffins, chocolates,'s little necessities.)

I'm having a bit of post-workshop hangover, which means the handfull of brain cells I have left are very weary. I leave you with some scenes of the class, courtesy of my very kind artist-friend Linda Welsch

I'm very much a 'learn by doing' person, so starting the class with a demo makes sense to me. Next week I will post the demo in its entirety, along with the final painting. It's not too bad for a demo if I do say so myself.

I have no idea what I was trying to say here. Probably something like, "Dibs on the M&M's!"

This group of artists had no fear, jumping right in to get started.  It wasn't so much me guiding as it was me getting out of the way so they could  chart their own course.

Styles from each easel were vastly different. I was immensely pleased to see participants honor their own style and vision while stretching their skills.

That's my goal as a workshop instructor to give participants an understanding of the medium, its limitations and advantages, as well as a basic framework of procedure in developing a painting.  After that it's my job to get out of the way and honor each artist's unique way of interpreting the world.

Huge thanks to Stuhr Museum and the Nebraska Arts Council for sponsoring this workshop.  I'll post the entire demo, as well as the finished painting next week.  You'll get a free workshop from the comfort of your own home. Byob.

If you're out near Grand Island, Nebraska, next Sunday, March 18th, plan to stop by Stuhr Museum and say hello. I'll be there from 1:30 to 4:30 with my paint box one more time.

Will I see you there?


Karine said...

Hey, nice photos. See? It's almost as if I were there!

Patty said...

Some day...some day...

Hannah Hunter said...

Patty--Sounds like you were able to offer everyone a way to find their own voice. Bravo--and I love the outline of your tree--so graceful!

Patty said...

I'll finish that painting this week, Hannah, and hope I can hang onto that tree! Things have a way of taking off on their own sometimes.