Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goodbye Hello

Autumn has officially arrived.  Today, Sunday September 23rd, the sky is that particular kind of blue that only this time of year can produce.  Nights now are quite chilly,  during the day the sun warms the air just enough. 
The end/start of a season requires a different pace.

There is a quickening that comes from preparing to complete one season while readying for the next.
For me, there is also a need to pause, to absorb the hue of the sky and the warmth of the sun. Soon both will be replaced by cold grey skies and arctic winds of a Nebraska winter.

©2012 Patricia Scarborough  working title - York County View 11 x 14 oil
I see a few more tweaks needed before I delare 'finis!'  It'll have to wait a few days though. It's just too darned nice out.
With your indulgence I will spend the day outside enjoying what may well be one of the more perfect days of autumn. All too soon there will be plenty of time to stay inside being bizzy.


Cathyann said...

Beautiful vista,Patty. Hope you enjoyed the day. Fall is gorgeous.
Ihave tried three times to enter a comment but I cannot decipher the letters. do we fix this ? I wonder if that is why people are refraining from comments.

Patty said...

Cathyann, I have the same problem! I believe its because we learned to spell properly...I'm grateful you kept at it!

Sheila Orr said...

Lovely, just lovely! It makes me want to stop and take a minute to breath in the warm air before old man winter sets in!

Patty said...

I spent the day doing just that Sheila.