Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm Back - Again

Woo hoo!

Many thanks and a birthday hug to a Fine Young California Man for recommending a quick fix so this blog can get up and running again.

Gee...After all that, I wish I had something amazing to say.

And I do!

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of spending the afternoon at the Mary Mary-Quite Contrary Gallery.  This beautiful new space sits right next to the San Carlo Room, which sits right underneath the old Friend Opera House, which sits right next to The Pour House Tasting Room, which is the premier hangout for wine lovers and conversationalists, all of which sits under the massive historic roof of the Warren Building in beautiful - and friendly - Friend, Nebraska.

The Mary Mary is beautifully refurbished from what was once a furniture/hardware store. You'd never know it, with it's warm wood floors and spacious, airy feel.

Other artists who joined in were Megan Moffett and Alycia Tieman Brady, and Gary Martin.

Even with a large apron, I managed to get paint on most everything I wore - including my socks.

I got a fair start on a small painting while patrons and friends milled around the building enjoying glasses of wine, some beautiful artwork, and lots of great conversation.

 It was a magical mix of ceramics, laughter, bronze, good wine, fantastic and varied art forms, seeing old friends and making new ones.  After several months spent working in my studio, it was a terrific way to wrap up the summer and prepare for autumn opportunities.

Which leads me to -

Impact's Dead Or Alive exhibit is now available at Stuhr Museum in Grand Island, Ne through November  4th.

Impact's Best is now showing at Rall Gallery on the Doane College Campus in Crete, Ne. through September 29th.
I've been invited to participate at the Museum of Nebraska Art's Kaleidoscope of Art event the weekend of November 3-4 in Kearney, Ne. More on that coming soon.
And, a new exhibit, "Common Ground", is coming soon at the Norfolk Arts Center in Norfolk, Ne. Lots more on that soon.

Whew, just reading that makes me want to wander back to the Pour House for just one more little glass of wine.


Tammy S. said...

The Pour House is a fabulous place! Haven't been there in awhile but now I've got something else to look forward to. Sounds like you had a great day...thanks for sharing!!

Patty said...

Come on over and we'll enjoy a glass of Betty White wine from their Potter's Field vineyard!

Carey said...

I can't thank you enough for sharing in this wild and crazy vision. The energy in the old Warren Building last weekend was fantastic. AND, I can't wait to do another "open" evening in the gallery. Loved every minute of it.

Patty said...

Carey, say the word and I'm there!