Sunday, February 24, 2013


Week 3 of my blog slacker-dom, and no end in sight.
I'll admit it's been fun going back and re-reading some of my early posts.
A few more of my "best of's" :
 Welcoming Success 

 Brain Mapping  Oh man, this brought back good memories.

Passionate Repose  I really like this one too.



Cathyann said...

Brainmapping post was terrific...saw a bit of me and my HH
In that. Made me smile.
I so loved driving through your part of our country. Nebraska has lovely rolling hills! Kansas way too flat along route 70 for my liking.
I am going to read more of your posts...
enjoy your recharging time! I certainly am.

Patty said...

Cathyann, you're a sweetie.
Kansas by way of 70 is torture (apologies to my Kansas friends!) Northern Kansas, along 36, is gorgeous; lush rolling hills that are a joy to drive.
The interstates are the ruination of the Sunday drive!
I'll dribble out my favorite posts for another few weeks. Thanks for stopping by!